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Scarlet Line is now accepting contracts for software projects.

Some of the stages of a project involve interaction with you and your colleagues. If you are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, these can be held at or near your site wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. If you are based outside this area then video, voice and shared computer conferencing are available. Please specify your preferred equipment ahead of time so that this can be set up.

The following provides information about the stages of a contract.

Please contact Scarlet Line about contracting.

1) Meeting with the Project Instigator

The Project Instigator is the individual who understands best, at a higher level, the goals of the project. This person often does not have a deep technical knowledge of the problem, but is best able to state what needs to be achieved. Technical details are kept for a later meeting ( see below ). The goals of this first meeting are as follows:

2) Project Plan and Contract

You will receive a project plan and contract to review and revise. This stage is completed once these are accepted by both parties. At this point, you will provide introductions to the other individuals who will be involved, as mentioned elsewhere.

3) Detailed Specification

The exact nature of the steps for gathering the information necessary for a detailed specification depends on the type of project, however many of the following will usually be involved:

4) Software Design and Development

The software is designed and developed at this stage. This will be delivered to you for testing in stages as will have been detailed in the project plan. Feedback from testing is also incorporated at this stage.

Please contact Scarlet Line about contracting.