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About Scarlet Line

Scarlet Line was founded in February 2001 by Kevin Shepherd.

Completed Projects

Time Description
2013 - 2019 AIS Mobile Communications Monitoring Android Apps
  • Managing a QA team based in China, and Development team in Thailand – 12 people
  • Using Trello, Mantis, Zoom, YouTube and git to manage several major projects remotely
  • Designed and developed ten Android Apps in Java,C++,C
  • Full layer 3 message monitoring, decoding and logging
  • SQL Database Utility App
  • Phone and Video call recording and logging
  • Google Mapping APIs
  • Network and Threading Service capabilities
2010 - 2013 Vidi Emi Web UI and Campaign Automation Server
  • Designed and developed a standalone C++ service running on Windows Server (portable as Linux daemon)
  • Provides a full REST API, running tasks and serving data in XML, JSON, HTML, text as requested
  • Fully configurable and controllable through a standard web interface
  • Modern Web UI wizard interface for setting up, editing and running marketing campaigns
  • UI components using the latest standard HTML, CSS and Javascript to provide a powerful and responsive solution while still being backward-compatible with older browsers (i.e. IE) through jQuery packaging
2008 - 2010 Molecular Viewer Molecular Viewer
  • Designed and developed a C++ browser plugin component
  • Supports all standard plugin interfaces - Mozilla npapi, Microsoft ActiveX, etc in a single shared library
  • All major molecular formats displayed in full 3D using highly optimized OpenGL running on Linux, Mac and Windows
2007 - 2008 Automated Stock Trading Server Stock Trading Server
  • Designed and developed a C++ daemon for monitoring and trading stocks
  • API buying and selling through TD Waterhouse API
  • Monitoring of real time financial data through Yahoo finance, S&P, NASDAQ, Google finance, SEC, Federal Reserve, (Splits, Dividends), Bureau of Labor Statistics, (stock index components)
  • Prediction and Weighing of likely future prices
  • All data and configuration stored in XML format. Conversions using XSLT.
2005 - 2006 Resilience Status Monitoring Daemon
  • Designed and developed a C daemon running on Linux, Red Hat Enterprise 3
  • Multi-threaded dynamic loading and unloading of shared libraries
  • XML based configuration file
2002 - 2004 Automatic Email Server Automated various aspects of E-mail bounce handling and database update
  • Designed and developed a C++ server running on Windows 2000, portable to Linux and BSD
  • Wrote code to use configurable regular expressions for understanding e-mail content, and extracting key data to upload to a database
  • Implemented automatic, batched database update through SQL-headered tab separated value files
  • Wrote code which regularly scans files on an FTP server, and convert them to SQL update files
  • Web based interface to view real-time status, configuration and log of the service
  • MSI package for automatic web-based install and update of the server
  • Web based interface to set up and monitor Campaigns, using perl, Apache or IIS, SQL Server or MySQL, html and XML configuration
2003 Solvos Corporation Maintenance and extension of a J2EE based web service for Purchase Management.
  • J2EE and Java Bean interface to an Oracle database
  • CVS code organization
  • SQL to Java Bean conversion
  • Unicode multi-language support. Specifically Japanese and English
2001 Automobile E-Commerce Implemented a Vehicle Information Capture program running on Windows CE using a PocketPC with Camera and Bar-Code attachment. Interfaced from a PC using html.
  • Designed and developed a C++ application on Windows CE to Capture Automobile photographs, and to read bar-code information, and to organize, look-up, edit and display on screen
  • Designed and developed a Web-based interface for upload, download and editing of the Captured data to an e-Commerce web site for sale of the Automobiles
  • Designed and Built hardware to interface the PocketPC to a bar-code wand and to extended battery power, including charging control of Li-Ion batteries

Individual Bio

Kevin has a great deal of experience in software development and management including the following:

LinkedIn Profile

Time Description
2010 - present Scarlet Line

Owner at Scarlet Line Software.

  • Please see project list for individual projects completed
2006 - 2010 BrightCreek Software

CTO and Computer Systems Manager at BrightCreek Software.

  • Management of computer systems, both web server farm and development computers, and overseeing software development team. Involved with client meetings, and responsible for software specification, recruitment of software developers and project budgets
  • Directing activities within the company's technical arm to provide technical support and software development work for clients and their customers
  • Manage products and systems including backup, security and user help systems
  • Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system requirements to provide implementation solutions and technical support to customers of client’s software, including several Windows & UNIX servers, RDBMS systems, CRM systems, Web Log activity analyses, and SQA tools environments
  • Hire, train, and manage daily operations to support the company goals in regards to software architecture and development for clients
  • Stay abreast of advances in technology and provide technology leadership to BrightCreek, its clients, and their customers
  • Develop, provide technical support, implement, and set-up maintenance fees to complement the company's software sales
  • Planning and overseeing computer systems installation
2007 gd Library

Contributions to libGD, namely the C++ interface. Checked in 11 Dec 2007. These additions may appear in v2.0.36, and will appear in v2.1.0

Contributed the files gdpp.h, gdpp.cxx, gd_io_stream.h, gd_io_stream.cxx.

2007 gd Library

Contributions to Open Babel, including various speed improvements, and file format bug fixes, and the mmCIF and genbank file formats. First checked in Oct 26 2007. Additions start appearing in v2.2.0.

New files contributed include formats/mmcifformat.cpp, formats/genbankformat.cpp. Fixes and speed improvements to many files and formats.

2006 Sea Battle Solitaire Released Sea Battle Solitaire, a logic puzzle for the Palm OS
2005 Dr. Dobb's Journal Winner of the Dr. Dobb's Journal Programming Challenge
1996 - 2001 iLux Corporation Chief Scientist and Vice-President of iLux Corporation, USA. Designed and helped implement a client-server web marketing application which analyses visit and purchase behaviour in order to judge marketing success and to effect various types of campaign. Programming in C++, SQL ( Oracle and MS SQL Server ) and BNF parser languages ( yacc, lex, pccts ).
  • Designed a C++ server running on Windows 9X, NT/2000, Solaris and Linux
  • Managed the Development and QA teams – 25 people
  • Provided training in C++ and SQL
  • Wrote TCP/IP client/server communication code in C++, yacc and flex
  • Contributed code to the SGI C++ Standard Template Library
  • Designed code to generate html reports by manipulating SQL on Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix and SQL Anywhere
  • Wrote a powerful BNF based parser in C++ using the Standard Template library and graph theory structures
  • Programmed XML and XSL parsing libraries for international data conversion
  • Wrote dbadmin - an application using Perl and DBI to present web page views and manipulation of any SQL database data
1996 Bebop BYTES Back Submitted the still unbeaten entry to the Beboputer Maze Competition which requires writing the smallest possible piece of assembly language which will solve an arbitrary maze
1992 - 1996 Portfolio Technologies, Inc. Director of Applications at Portfolio Technologies, Inc., California, USA and Hong Kong. Took part in the design and development in C++ of Office.IQ - a workflow product on networked Windows PCs.
  • Wrote a redirector VXD Windows 3.1 driver in 80386 assembly and C++ to make a shared database of documents work like a regular local filesystem under DOS and Windows
  • Worked on shared multi-media databased storage and workflow programs in C++
  • Designed a point of sales system for use in China
March 1992 Intelligent Offices Co-author of "Intelligent Offices :Object-Oriented Multi-Media Information Management in Client-Server Architectures" published by John Wiley & Sons
1990-1991 Declare Technologies Harmony Software, bought by Declare Technologies, California, USA.
  • Programmed in C a desktop workflow environment on Windows 3.0
  • Designed multimedia data management software in C++
  • Wrote a C++ program to create and visually manipulate object-oriented design documents
1989 - 1990 Centauri Founded Centurai in Melborne, Australia and worked on contracts writing C programs to control video equipment from PCs and to generate various video special effects.
  • DOS TSR program in C to pop-up and control video equipment
  • C programs to generate 3D environments including mountains and trees
  • Installation and maintenance of workstations for 3D graphics
1987 - 1989 Hisoft Computers Systems Engineer and Programmer at Hisoft Computers, which was at the time the largest PC dealer in Australia. Specified and installed a number of networked PC imaging/database systems. These included a banking system in Melborne which involve writing the C code to interface through 3270 and SDLC to legacy IBM mainframe programs, and writing SQL to update the Gupta database. Also programmed expert systems in LISP as part of Hisoft Expert Systems group, working on insurance liability assesment.
  • Programmed in C interface code from PC to mainframe using 3270 SDLC and EPSIDIC to query and update legacy systems
  • Wrote expert systems programs using Golden Common LISP and GMACS
  • Specified and installed networks of PCs and PS/2s using Netware and PC-LAN on Ethernet and Token-ring
  • Wrote SQL to optimize image information indexing and retrieval
1987 Watney Mann National Sales Statistical Analysis at Watney Mann National Sales, UK - Marketing department.
  • Statistical analysis of price/volume sales data to report on marketing effectiveness
1985, 1986 National Physical Laboratory Worked at the National Physical Laboratory, UK in the Department of Mechanical and Optical Metrology
  • Interfaced an early HP computer to laser metrology equipment through GPIB interface
  • Programmed the above to automaticaly take and record measurements
  • Designed and implemented hardware to increase the accuracy of surface profile measurements
1984 - 1987 Christ's College, Cambridge Graduated from Christ's College, University of Cambridge, UK in Natural Sciences. Specializing in Physics, Mathematics and Biochemistry
1980 - 1982 Zilog Computers Designed a Z80 based microcomputer
1977 - 1979 Acorn Computers Built from plans and parts and programmed early microcomputers designed by Acorn Computers using 6502 Machine code, Assembly and BASIC
  • Built 6502 based "System 1" hexpad microcomputer
  • Programmed in 6502 machine code
  • Built and extended 6502 based screen and keyboard microcomputer
  • Wrote programs, including a word processor, in 6502 assembly and BASIC