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License and Source Code Availability Locate in Contents

The Molecular Viewer plugin is installed on your computer as two separate components:

  1. npcml shared library
  2. npcmlopen shared library

npcml Locate in Contents

This is a freeware library, governed by the Scarlet Line Freeware License. It is a multi-browser plugin and 3D molecular display library.

Library Using Version License

npcmlopen Locate in Contents

This is a utility library which deals with chemical and xml conversion of files. It is an open source shared library. The complete source can be downloaded from here:

npcmlopen source code

During the course of developing this product, many enhancements and extensions were made to several of the dependent libraries. In all cases the additions were contributed back to their respective libraries. Most notably two new file formats, and fasta to molecule code conversion, for OpenBabel and a zero-overhead C++ interface for libGD.

Library Using Version License
libxml2 2.6.29 MIT
libxslt 1.1.21 MIT
libexslt 0.8.13 MIT
InChi 1.0.2 LGPL
libGD 2.0.33 libGD
libpng 1.2.23 libpng
libjpeg 6b IJG
zlib 1.2.3 zlib
OpenBabel 2.2.1 GPL
libiconv 1.11 LGPL