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Molecular Viewer Plugin Installation

This plugin installation contains no malware, adware, viruses, trojans, etc. It is free to use and distribute.

The appropriate install package for your platform can be downloaded from the Download Page.

This plugin runs on the following operating systems: Windows XP (SP2/3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 RC, Mac OS X v10.3.9 and up, on both PowerPC and Intel, Linux on Intel/AMD 32bit and 64bit. The plugin comes in both 32bit and 64bit native versions for all of the Windows variations. It probably works on other Windows versions ( such as 2003, etc. ) but has not been tested.

The plugin runs with the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, SeaMonkey, Flock, K-Meleon, Maxthon, Avant, AOL Explorer, Deepnet Explorer, Camino, OmniWeb, iCab, Shira, Epiphany, Konqueror, Galeon.

This plugin requires OpenGL, fortunately this is pre-installed on most modern computers. The plugin will usually benefit from having the latest graphics drivers installed on your computer, in that it will run more smoothly and display a richer 3D view.

If you wish to view large complex molecules on your computer, please make sure that it has a decent 3D graphics card.

Mozilla Based Browsers

Firefox, SeaMonkey, Flock. Just click the xpi file link to download and install the plugin. The xpi file is multi-platform.


Just click the msi file link to download and install the plugin. Most Windows versions will ask multiple times whether you trust the plugin install, you will need to click through these dialogs if you wish to install this plugin. This install needs to be run after you have installed windows browsers. If you install a new browser, please re-run the install and select 'Repair'. As with any MSI package, if you get the message "Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements", cancel and try again.


Just click the dmg file link to download and install the plugin.


Choose 32-bit or 64-bit as appropriate. Just click the tar.gz file link to download the plugin. Unpack the contents to the following location:
Opera: /usr/lib/opera/plugins
Epiphany: /usr/lib/epiphany/plugins
Konqueror: /usr/lib/konqueror/plugins
Galeon: /usr/lib/galeon/plugins
If a browser does not find the plugin, then try /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins


This plugin uses and requires OpenGL. Almost all modern desktops come with this already installed. It also uses the OpenGL window extensions, i.e. WGL on Windows, GLX on Linux and AGL on the Mac.

You can see the version and provider of your OpenGL by looking at the about dialog from the plugin's right-click menu.