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Sea Battle Solitaire

Sea Battle Solitaire Tab

Sea Battle Solitaire is a logic puzzle for the Palm OS, in which you are challenged to deduce the hidden navy deployment.

Requires Palm OS version 3.5 or above, and 28K space.


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Change Log

Version 1.3: released 9 Mar 2006

Fixed a bug which could require a soft reset if a ship of five or more squares was suspected. Sub count was too low when alternate colours were used. High res app icon now has proper transparency.

Version 1.2: released 1 Mar 2006

Minor changes to comply with Palm Powered Logo program, including changed sounds to honour game volume control, using async sound calls to allow pen up on all Palm models. Also compressed bitmaps for a smaller image.

Version 1.1: released 26 Feb 2006

Minor changes including name change from "Battleship Solitaire" to avoid potential Trademark complications with Hasbro Inc, and removal of sound on pen up on the main board due to occasional problems with some Palm models.

Version 1.0: released 20 Feb 2006

Screen Shots

a puzzle being completed:

Sea Battle Solitaire Screenshots


Tips & Tricks


To install, just unzip the file to extract battlesol.prc, and install that on your Palm device.

Installation screen:

Sea Battle Solitaire Palm Install


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